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This is a very high vibrational A Touch of Light Essence intended to upgrade the Lightbody to aid with Ascension. It is specifically intended to remove Implants, AI interference, Etheric crystals, 3D dark seals including J seals, Aryan seals, dark ET seals, Tracking and tagging devices for star seeds. It is intended to aid the activation of Angelic DNA. In addition to Crystal and Angelic essences, it includes clearing and downloads from Spiritual response therapy, redivining the matrix, a download of Steve Noble’s It also involves an Akashic record clearing and update. By using this spray you are taking responsibility for the upgrade and changes this essence will make to your lightbody.


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Gerri is Qualified as a Reiki Master,Crystal Healer, and Hypnotherapist . Her passion is to help people to have a Lighter and happier life and her channel for doing this is her individual products the A Touch of Light Crystal and Angelic room and aura sprays . Her website is

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