Energy Clearance

Energy Clearance

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This spray uses cleansing and high vibrational crystals to clear you and your environment of negative,or static energy. This energy can be generated by our own negative thoughts or by the thoughts of others and can stick to our aura or stay in our house or work environment and places such as hotels and Hospitals. Even when we cannot see this energy we can feel when a room or person doesn’t feel right.The Crystals used include Amethyst an extremely powerful stone with strong healing and cleansing powers,Aquamarine known as the stone of courage which also harmonises surroundings,Danburite the karmic cleanser,and Morganite, Sugilite, Selenite, Seraphinite and Quartz all very high vibrational spiritual angelic and love filled crystals. The spray is aided by the cleansing essential oils of bergamot and lemon.The essence will also cleanse and energise your crystals and healing tools ready for use.

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This was the first ever essence that I created. It was inspired when I started my crystal diploma as a part of the learning on the course. I created it to cleanse my healing room and healing crystals and also as part of my reiki practice. Spraying the essence into each of the fours corners of a room will instantly lift the vibration of the room clearing stagnant and old energy. It is a excellent aid for complementary therapists who want to quickly cleanse the energy of clients from themselves and their room and also if sprayed over a client before hands on treatment it will increase the efectiveness of the healing . In addition to the crystal energy used this spray was made invoking the energy of the Seraphim angels who are the closest angels to God and celebrate love and holiness.



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