Aura Protection

Aura Protection

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This spray uses crystal energy to protect your aura from other people’s energy. This is useful for situations or people that you find draining or where you feel another person maybe sending you bad thoughts. The spray provides a protective seal around your energy, ensuring that it is safe and protected, negative energy will simply be bounced back and will not affect your energy or emotions.The crystals used in the essence are black tourmaline which transforms dense energy into light and forms a protective shield around the body, combined with chlorite,carnelian and ruby which protects from physic attack.It is fragranced with the essential oils of fennel and lavender and sealed with Reiki and pyramid energy.

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Many people simply do not understand how sending another person bad thoughts or negativity can affect or even damage that other person’s energy system,We are all energy beings constantly sharing energy with each other and picking up both good and bad vibes from other people we are all connected on some many levels. Many years ago as part of a Buddhist meditation I experienced the state of oneness with everybody else in the room and realized we are all one being when in a divine state the issue comes when we are not working with that divine state. This spray offers a powerful divine protection from negative people and environments.


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