About Me

My name is Gerri. I started my career as part of the corporate world with a 15-year career in Human Resources and a degree in business studies. However as with most of us life changing events such as the birth of my children, the death of my parents the many lessons life sent to me along the way meant that i started to change and open up to a more spiritual path to help me with the lessons life was sending me on my path. In a way I guess I was simply waking up to who I really was.

As part of this new phase of my life 15 years ago I found the energy of reiki healing, or it found me at a time when i was at my most vulnerable. It helped me with my old war wounds and opened me up to a new way of being. I qualified as a reiki master and then went onto discover my love for crystals and qualified with iacht as a crystal healer after a two-year diploma course. I will never forget my first experience of working with a small aquamarine crystal which sent a wave of energy through my entire body and left with a screech through my ears so loud leaving me deaf for the day. I knew then I was destined to work with crystals and it served me right for the deaf ear, I needed something extreme as I had my skeptical head on at the time!

It is through my love for the crystals, the angelic realm, and other light beings that I have developed the sprays to help both myself and others. I see the sprays as a therapy in a bottle and the essence concept makes it so easy and quick to instantly connect with good vibrant positive light energies that make a speedy and powerful difference.

I have a love for complementary therapies and the power of the human mind and am also a qualified clinical hypnotherapist and nlp practitioner.

I look forward to sharing my journey with you.