The emotional freedom technique or tapping as it is commonly known is an emotional version of acupuncture but without needles. This therapy involves you tapping with your finger tips on your meridian or energy points whilst talking through memories or emotions or traumas with me as your therapist. The basis of EFT is that the cause of our negative emotions, patterns, fears is as a result of a stored disruption to our energy system as a result of a trauma or a limiting belief we took on from what somebody may have said or done to us in the past.Many of these we may have developed under the age of six and we are not even aware of them but they are running our life in the background working through the subconscious mind thinking they are keeping us safe but holding us back in life.

There is no problem be it physical, mental or emotional that EFT can’t be used for with my help we work together on what is bothering you in life and turn it off on purpose! The beauty and power of EFT is that the changes made are permanent and take affect at a cellular level.Some of the reasons you may want to use EFT are the following.

Raise your self esteem/ self confidence
Remove limiting beliefs
Addictions and cravings
Emotional issues and problems inc Anger/Jealousy, Guilt, Grief, Sadness,& Depression.
Fears and Phobias
Physical issues such as back pain or chronic pain
Anxiety and stress

As a Therapist I can work with you in person if you are local to the West Midland or Shropshire areas or with EFT or some of my Hypnosis I can also work just as effectively through Skype if you are not local. Call me on 07748176553 for an initial free discussion.


I qualified over 10 Years ago now as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist & NLP Practioner. These are powerful tools for working with the subconscious mind that part of your mind that is the source of your emotions and bodily functions and therefore directs all of your behaviour. Through Hypnosis you can create miraculous and effortless changes in your life. Including some of the following

Permanent weight reduction through changing your beliefs and habits around food
Stop smoking hypnosis has been proving as very effective in breaking the nicotine habit for good
Addictions of all kinds.
Relationship problems
Sleep problems
Excessive worrying
Phobias and fears
Exam dread
Pain Relief
Pms/Menopause symptoms
Skin Problems


Crystals have been used for hundreds of years as tools for healing. They are very effective at cleansing the Human Aura and Energy System (THE CHAKRAS) of old energies and emotions that we have either generated ourselves or picked up from another. As an experienced Crystal Healer I work by firstly assessing how your Chakra system is performing which will also relate directly to any physical problems you are experiencing in your life as well as any emotional or mental issues. This assessment will then determine the course of Crystal Therapy I recommend. I will also work to balance and cleanse your Chakra system. It is an effective stress relief therapy for someone who doesn’t really want to talk much the issue they can simply relax and let the crystal energy do the work

As I am a Reiki master I also use the Reiki Symbols in conjunction with the crystals for healing which makes this treatment doubly powerful and of course the A Touch of Light Crystal & Angelic sprays are also part of any treatment I do.

I have found Crystal Therapy to be a fantastic therapy to help other healers who maybe experiencing burn out or fatigue as the crystal energy works quickly on the energy field to restore light and balance.