Energetic property cleanse

I have combined my 20 years of energy work using the energies of distance dowsing via extensive charts, working with crystals, Angels, elemental and dragon energies and rewriting the energetic inprint of the property in the Akashic records (spiritual records) to offer a thorough and detailed spiritual report and clearing by distance for your property or workplace. I will also check and send you whatever one of my energy sprays tests the most beneficial to seal the work on a physical level with divine love or combine some of the sprays if this is indicated as needed.

Are you suffering from any of the following constant exhaustion, emotional/ mental mood swings, unexplained physical or mental illness, relationship issues, trouble sleeping, a strange feeling in your property or unexplained happenings. Have you ever considered that it might be the energy in your home or workplace which is causing these problems?

Are you struggling to sell the property and can see no obvious reasons that despite numerous viewings and a reasonable price and a fast moving property market nobody is making any offers on your property or if they do the offers simply fall through.Like people houses and land hold onto the energies of trauma, conflict, grief, pain, illness and death and these can be passed onto the new owners through the vibrations of the property itself or indeed the land that the property was built on.Last year i worked with a client who had picked up an energy from the land his property was built on which caused him severe physical and mental trauma there was an very old battle energy on the land itself. Under the universal laws of vibration like onto itself is drawn so if there are problems with a property’s vibration and you are trying to sell it you are in fact waiting for someone who vibrates at that particular energy to be attracted to the property like the feel of it and make an offer. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to be selling a neutral property? and not have to play this waiting game, well you can by getting the energies of the property cleansed and reset.This returns the property to a totally neutral and harmonious balanced state to attract serious buyers and concrete offers or to allow you to live a more balanced healthy life in your home.

There can be various different energy issues within a property some maybe energy issues such as a deceased soul not moving on from the property and deciding to linger around where they use to live. From my energy work I have been made aware that after death a soul has 90 hours to move across to the next plane of existence and if they fail to do this they can get trapped in the physical realm and can no longer move across on their own, they will then need help from an energetic light source to move them on.These souls can affect the energy of all inhabitants of the property even the family dog , cats seem to cope better! Of particular concern is if the soul was disruptive or passed over in a disruptive manner these energies can cause mayhem in the property and may even attach itself to the energy of one of the inhabitants

Some other energy disturbances can be caused by energy openings or portals or even more severely an energy gateway these allow disruptive energies to travel in and out of the property, these need to be shut down and the energy of the property cleansed so no new interference can come in. As mentioned above the land itself maybe the issue it may have been originally assigned as a battleground, a sacred site a burial ground, if this is the case this old energy will be energetically running through the leylines and causing a disturbance in this case the land needs to be reassigned to a dwelling plot or place of work.

Another area that may need looking at on the energetic property survey/ cleanse is that of Geopathic stress which causes weak elecro-magnetic fields, issues here are toxic streams or trapped water underneath a property or large mineral deposits. Geometric stress can cause severe energy disruption and fatigue which weakens the immune system and makes it hard to fight off diseases it can also impact sleep and rest. In addition to geometric stress the property maybe suffering from electromagnetic stress which is essentially man made caused by electrical appliances, microwaves, mobile phones. These can affect the brain frequencies of the inhabitants in the same way as geopathic stress.

Benefits of energetically clearing / Realigning your property

clears all negative energy and adverse energy influences
Moves on any attaching souls or spritual energies.
Places a protective energy shield around the property.
Will provide for better overall health and relationships within the property as balance and harmony will be reset.
It may help to eliminate financial problems if there was a high depressed energy around money for example a property had been previously repossessed.
Improves the energy of everybody in the house or business including family pets.
Improves the ability to sleep and relax in the property.
In the case of a place of work eliminates all of those energies which contribute to sick office syndrome.
Helps alleviate problems with selling or buying a property.

The service involves cleansing for up to a four bedroom. If it is a very large property with extensive land or an office clearing please contact me for a discussion and a price. Also if the property is a flat as part of a larger building.