Gerri is a woman truly inspired by the angelic realm. She has made angelic & crystal room essences for many years and they are without doubt, well and truly amazing. For once there is a product that actually does what it says on the label. One spray of her calming scents can transcend the energies in the room and have a positive impact on all those who are exposed to it. She makes essences for a wide range of situations and emotional states. Without doubt you will find one to meet your own needs. Do try them and hopefully you will be like me, convinced and converted this woman has an amazing product and you just have to have some. Well I do, I have a bagful in my office and one at home. Keep up the good work Gerri.
Sandrea Moses
International Author  - Medium and Clairvoyant
As a Natural Health Practitioner I use A Touch of Light Sprays in my day to day life to clear my treatment room or to help clear any unserving energy from my clients,along with helping to re-balance them. I simply wouldn’t want to work without these powerful sprays. I particularly like Archangel Michael and Aura Protection.
Emma Westwood
Natural Health Practitioner
The sprays from a touch of light are truly amazing. I have been using them for many years within my own reiki healing practice and also recommend them to my reiki students. They help create such a beautiful healing space to work in as well as helping to clear energy and bring such an incredible feeling of light into the space. Thank you to Gerri for creating such beautiful essences to be used in these ways.
Sue Gessey
Reiki Master & Teacher