Green Tara

Green Tara

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One of our most popular sprays. This spray is made with the crystal energy of moldavite and moonstone and the energy of Green Tara. This spray instantly invokes her energy. Be prepared for the powerful loving changes her feminine powers bring! Green Tara is the goddess of Compassion, she works with the element of wind and thus working with her energy brings rapid and positive change.This Green Tara essence will aid with the release of personal and family karma.The first Dalai Lama wrote that we can call on Tara to instantly save us from eight particular dangers, each of which represents a corresponding human mental problem:

lions — pride
wild elephants — delusion and ignorance
forest fires — hatred
snakes — jealousy
robbers — wrong views, including fanatical views
prisons — greed and miserliness
floods — desire and attachment
demons — doubts caused by delusion

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Tara's name means rescuer and she is known as the Buddha of compassion.She is said to sit on a lotus throne and to help everybody who calls on her. Hence why I have used lotus essential oil to capture her energy in the essence.Green Tara is obviously associated with the colour green, she is a forest goddess and a female form of the green man figure. I developed this essence as Tara came to my aid and helped me during a time I was experiencing extreme emotional and mental upset I prayed to her and recited her mantra “Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha” and very quickly my painful emotions simply disappeared.


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