Love, Hugs & Crystal Bubbles

Love, Hugs & Crystal Bubbles

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A Touch of Light’s special spray for the Children . The Crystal energy in the spray connects children with love, joy, peace and calm whilst gently cleansing and protecting their aura & environment.The crystals used are black tourmaline gold, charoite, larimar and rose quartz and it is fragranced with lavender oil.These are gentle, fun, calming reassuring stones,Black Tourmaline however is cleansing and protective so will clear them of any external energies they have taken on, in addition it protects against electromagnetic waves and frequency. A must for teenagers with computers and cell phones. “Love, hugs and crystal bubbles melts away your little ones troubles.” It helps them to settle better at night and aids sleeping.It is also an aid to help children in any situation where they are feeling overwhelmed or out of sorts,such as when the first start school or the end of the school day.Simply spray around them or their environment and let the crystal energy go to work.

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Love hugs and bubbles was created when the amazing Jennie Harrison The Sleep deprived Mums
Coach approached me as a lover of my Angelic sprays and asked me to make an essence for
children and their mums to help with her work. Children love the gentleness of the crystal energy
as like the crystals they are pure little beams of love light and innocence so it connects them
instantly with this energy. Jennie's little boy Dexter was our first little tester for the essence and
his first comments were “wow magic”. The essence has gone from strength to strength and has
now become one of my best sellers.


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Muhammad Aamir Naeem customer