Clearing and Protecting your energy

Clearing and Protecting your energy

We all energy beings in constant interaction with each other sharing each others experiences in life whether these be good or bad ones. As no saying goes “no man is an island”.If we were to examine the human body under a microscope we would not see a solid mass but rather a series of moving cells and an energy force. We also have an energy field around us called our human aura all living things including plants have a field.
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Our energy fields and our energy therefore are never really our own we are constantly picking up other peoples stuff which is fine if it is uplifting and light but not so good if it involves heavy or low draining emotions. We have all had an experience of being with an individual who you feel totally drained after speaking to or spending time with.This is an issue in particular for Therapists and healers who are interacting either hands on or counselling individuals. It is a good thing to help others on their path but not at the expense of depleting your own energy supply.

There are many ways recommended for energy clearance these are the ones I favour.

1) Taking an Epsom salt bath at the end of your day with some lavender oil drops. Epsom salt is a very effective way of cleansing the body and also gives the added bonus of a magnesium boast.

2) Crystal energy is also very effective at both cleansing and protecting our personal space and our environment. Crystals such as clear quartz the master healer can be programmed to do this whilst crystals such as black tourmaline,smokey quartz and obsidian come supplied with their very own protective programming.

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Crystal and Angelic essences are a very quick and effective way to work with crystal energy. I developed my A Touch of Light energy clearance spray so I could cleanse myself and my room quickly and effectively after working with clients and also to cleanse my crystal wands and individual crystals. As a crystal healer I have done the hard work for you you simply need to spray the essence and let it go to work.

3) Energy cleansing with the Angelic Realm.

Asking the Angels to come and cleanse our energy field of any energy that is not our own is also one of my favourite methods. Arch-Angel Michael in particular is the Arch-Angel I call upon to cut any energy cords that I feel have developed between me and another individual which are now draining me or at least no longer serving me. I also call on him to clear me of any negative thinking or thoughts that are self generated.Every night before I sleep I ask him to cleanse me of the days events and to take back fully cleansed any energy I might have given to another during the day and also return fully cleansed any energy I might have taken from another. Archangel Uriel is also a powerful angel to help clear negative thoughts and emotions so much so that he is known as the the Psychologist . Again as part of my work with energy and the Angelic realm I have created Gem essences with these two angels which simply by spraying around yourself or your environment invokes their energy instantly and lets it go to work.

4) There are numerous other methods of clearing your energy and aura such as burning white sage, sound therapy, meditation, working with light, reiki energy and symbols if you are attuned. Find the ones that work best for you but remember whatever you choose to do it is important that you make it a regular daily practice.

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