Angelic Realm
Archangel Michael

£ 9.99

Michael helps us to release fearful thoughts, people and situations from our lives. He offers you his protection and gives you strength and courage to deal with difficult situations. He will assist you in finding your life's purpose and making changes in your life. His energy will cleanse your and your environment. He makes you feel safe. This crystal spray invokes his energy both by the power of the crystals and the request for his help and healing.

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Archangel Michael is the head of the Archangels and is truly my guiding light. I call on him for all situations in my life where I need guidance and this is rather a lot! He has come to my aid without fail even if I don’t always understand the outcome he is an old friend who I love dearly. This essence was created from my love for him and my longing to share his wonderful energy with the world through the energies of crystals.