Angelic Realm
Guardian Angel

£ 9.99

Your Guardian Angel is your special angel, which is assigned to you alone from the time you are born. We have all got a special bond and relationship with our angel we just simply need to make our connection and ask for their help, love, comfort and guidance. This spray invokes this angelic presence though the special crystal energy, which helps raise and clear our vibration to make our connection.

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All of us have our own unique Guardian Angel it is God’s gift to us when we come to the earth plane like most things we just forgot about them but they have never forgotten us. They wait in the sidelines for us to call on them for help, for as human we have the concept of free will so an Angel will never interfere unless we ask for the help. Signs your Guardian angels are near are when you find feathers or coins or suddenly hear beautiful music or pick up a beautiful scent. They are beautiful light beings and this is a beautiful essence dedicated to them and you.